Leather Options

You do not have to decide on leather colour straight away. Although if you know what you want it does make things easier.   Taylors offer a nice range of colours from specially selected hides. Once your feature fabric is with us, phoptographs of all the suitable leather options will be sent so we can choose the leather thats best suited for your requirements . Taylors also offer a wide range of vegan / cork leather colours that has proved to be exremley popular and durable too, please ask for details / photographs  if you would like to use a vegan leather. 

Silver /nickel hardware is used on all of Taylors bags. 
If you would like another colour hardware you must request this at the point of ordering  (ONLY via a custom order form) as additional charges will be incurred.

Lining fabrics are chosen by Taylors to compliment the colours within the bag,  normally a plain black or stone coloured lining is used however you can request a colour of your choice or a patterned fabric, however some designer prints will occur additional charges.