Length requirements for ring slings

A Short Ring Sling (Approx 1.8m)   requires  2 metres of wrap or up to  2.15m  if floating

A Standard Ring Sling  (approx 2m)   requires  2.2 metres of wrap or up to 2.35m  if floating

A Long Ring Sling (approx 2.2m)   requires  2.4 metres of wrap or up to 2.55m  if floating

An Xtra Long Ring Sling (approx 2.4m)   requires  2.6 metres of wrap or up to 2.75m  if floating

If the taper direction is not compatible to shoulder / Longest rail not at the top, I will require an additional 20-25cm to correct this problem, if the fabric allowance will not allow for this then the longest taper will be at the bottom rail.

Floating shoulders can be done at different lengths on request but as standard the Jean (aka wings) pleat is done at 8" Rose pleat at 10" & all other shoulder styles at 12"